Adult Psychiatrist & Psychopharmacologist

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East Village Psychiatry
PH: (347) 218-2908
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156 Fifth Avenue
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90 Broad Street
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Payment set-up:
Fee for Service Rendered.

"My Goal is to help you feel better and get you back to living a meaningful and joy filled life."

-Financial assistance with Sliding scale fees happily offered. Ask to speak directly with Dr. Calico.

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation: $495, Medication Management with combined 30 min Therapy Session $375, or concise Medication Management session $295.

A sliding scale fee is offered for those who wish to see Dr. Calico and are in need of financial assistance. Including the one Saturday a month when Dr. Calico offers extremely discounted treatment for those who find themselves in a time of great financial hardship. If you are in any of these situations, please call and speak with Dr. Calico to set up an appointment and affordable payment arrangement.

Please note that all fees are paid up front by patient upon time of service. Payments accepted include, Cash and Credit Card.

Also note that Dr. Calico does not participate on any insurance panels and does not accept insurance assigned rates. However, her services are reimbursable by most health plans that offer out-of-network coverage. Please contact your insurance provider beforehand to ensure reimbursement options.

We will assist with maximizing reimbursements but patients are responsible for confirming their coverage beforehand, and for filing insurance claims. This policy protects the nature and privacy of your treatment from third parties.

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